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  1. Launching-Effective-Marketing-CampaignLanding Pages: Every campaign you plan should come paired with a customized landing page.
  2. Calls-To-Action (CTA): The CTA plays a critical role in converting site visitors to leads.
  3. Email: Send the right message, to the right person, through the right email.
  4. Blog: Publish a steady stream of blog posts, jam-packed with information that entertains, educates or helps your customers.
  5. Paid Online Media: When setup correctly, analyzed for effectiveness and optimized on an ongoing basis, it can provide cost-efficient and cost-effective results.
  6. Social Media: Using social media to converse with customers is one of the best ways to strengthen the rapport you already have.
  7. Analytics: Site analytics will help you improve your marketing strategy and collect insight on your campaign's performance.

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